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Black & White Zebra Is Canada's 30th Fastest Growing Company

The Globe and Mail just announced their 2022 Report on Business ranking the fastest growing companies across Canada.

Oct 3rd, 2022. Vancouver, British Columbia: The Globe and Mail just announced their 2022 Report on Business ranking the fastest growing companies across Canada. This year, there’s a new addition to the list: Vancouver-based media tech company Black & White Zebra.

Launched in 2019 by The Globe and Mail, the Canada’s Top Growing Companies program ranks participating private and public Canadian businesses on three-year revenue growth.

This year, the report ranked 430 businesses who’ve managed to grow through some of the most tumultuous years on record, with Black & White Zebra ranking 30th with an impressive 1,593% three-year revenue growth.

“We’re proud to rank among Canada’s fastest growing companies,” says Ben Aston, CEO and Founder of Black & White Zebra, “particularly because we’re more tech zebra than tech unicorn. We’ve achieved this incredible achievement while creating sustainable prosperity, not growth for its own sake, or at all costs. Every day we hear the real-life, positive impact that our publications, products, and technology are having as we grow. We’re building a company that impacts millions of people and helps them win at work.”

This 2022 growth milestone marks a significant achievement for the company—what began as a hobby blog helping people manage digital projects in 2011 has evolved into an award-winning publication and further expanded into a thriving portfolio of influential online career media brands. By early 2022, Black & White Zebra had acquired SaaS lead generation company Crozdesk, transforming the business from media publisher to an advanced media tech company and pushing annual revenue upwards of $10M.

“I’m deeply proud of our team, and grateful to all of our contributors who’ve shared their expertise on our publications over the years,” says Aston. “It feels incredible to be building a company that’s successfully experimenting on the leading edge of media, and to know that what we’re creating is valuable and impactful in our communities.”

Read more about Black & White Zebra and see the fastest growing companies in Canada in Globe & Mail’s Report On Business: CANADA’S TOP GROWING COMPANIES 2022.

About BWZ

Founded in 2012, BWZ is an independent media tech company that exists to help people succeed at work. Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, BWZ has a portfolio of publications that cover project management, product management, people management, customer experience, quality assurance and others, with the goal of connecting people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed professionally.

BWZ Group achieves millions of unique website visitors per month, and generates millions of leads every year for SaaS companies including, ClickUp and SmartSheet.