BWZ Creator Accelerator

Funding and support for proven content creators,
to build their brand, content and following

Turn your passion project into your business

We partner with up and coming creators in the
world of work who have experience in content
creation, deep expertise and passion, to make an impact in their industries to help others succeed.

We’ve built a unique business model with a kick-ass operational team to help creators like you turn your knowledge, expertise and passion into a sustainable media business.

Get there faster

We know there are incredible creators who want to fully pursue their passion for creating content.

From experience, we know that building from the ground up is hard, and time consuming.

We’ll hook you up with our incredible team so you can go further, faster, and better.

We provide strategic guidance and operational support to help creators commercialize their content, grow faster and more efficiently than if they were on their own.

What you get

We’ll pay you as you go, so you can leave your day job, and stay in control of how much you earn as you build your content, product and brand.

Get Paid

  • Creator pay scales alongside creator success
  • Receive marketing spend to fuel your rocket ship

Get Bigger

  • Get content strategy support so you create impactful content
  • Get content production support so you can scale content creation and production
  • Get business operations support for sales and accounting
  • Partner with a community of established creators

Get Better

  • Uplevel with professional coaching
  • Join exclusive events with proven creators
  • Learn from others who’ve been there and done that already

What we provide

We’ll pay you as you go, so you can leave your day job, and stay in control of how much you earn as you build your content, product and brand.

Product & Technology

Use our publishing platform and expertise in online training, community, jobs and events to accelerate your content production and product rollout.


We’ll provide you with our growth tools, a team to help scale your content production, paid acquisition expertise, and proven growth frameworks. We’re ready to invest in your publication’s growth.


We handle all the boring back office stuff – finance, accounting, etc. – so that you can focus on creating content.


Joining us means being surrounded by peers and mentors, brainstormers and collaborators. When challenges arise, you’ll have a team at your back to help you deal with them.

The application process

1. Apply

You submit basic information about yourself and we’ll determine if there’s a fit.

2. Discuss

We’ll have an initial conversation (or two) to better understand your expertise, goals, and your ideal level of commitment.

3. Deal

We’ll make you an offer that’s fast, fair, and tailored to you.

4. Win

We help you reach your maximum potential.

Apply to join the BWZ Creator Accelerator

Let’s chat! We’re here to help you build a sustainable, profitable media brand — and help you stay inspired, curious, and creative. Fill out the form below to let us know what you’ve been working on, and a member of our team will get back to you.


Are there requirements for Creators?

While there aren’t specific requirements, we’re particularly looking for creators with 7+ years practical experience, peer recognition, and who love content creation – whether that’ written articles, video, or podcasts. It’s great if you also have a related idea for a book, course, event, or membership product, and are already active on social.

Are there specific industries you’re interested in?

Yes! We’re particularly interested in Healthcare practice management, Dental practice management, Hotel management, Legal practice management, IT Infrastructure & Management, Manufacturing management, Construction management, Field services management, Facility management.

Talk =)

We like working with talented people with fresh ideas who want to develop exceptional, impactful content!