SEO Technical Writer

Remote, North America

Job Brief

Black and White Zebra is looking to hire a talented and passionate writer with experience producing SEO-driven, intriguing, and informative software review content across various industries for highly engaged professional communities!

About the Role

As an SEO Technical Writer, you’ll be reviewing software across a variety of industries, use cases, and user groups to produce authoritative and engaging software review content for our growing portfolio of professional publications. Your work will help our readers excel in their careers and play an instrumental role in helping to significantly grow our audiences through organic search. 


Our publications are independent resources—educational, authoritative, and trustworthy spaces that serve as both an educational hub and an online community for professionals in various fields. 


You, along with the digital media publishing team at Black & White Zebra, will bring your research and writing skills to uplift our content as it’s developed, with the end goal of making awesome content that helps people succeed in their work.

Who You Are

Experienced writing about SaaS tools— The focus of this role involves researching, reviewing, and writing about the software and SaaS tools that our audience is searching for to succeed in their roles and help their teams and organizations run more smoothly. You have proven experience capturing the essence of what software buyers look for and can convey that information in an authoritative, honest, accurate, and easily digestible way.

Obsessed with the English language—Your command of the English language impresses all who consume your work. You can effortlessly weave in the perfect metaphor to quickly explain a complex concept, and obsess over syntax and grammar. You have an opinion on the oxford comma.

Constantly in the pursuit of knowledge — You are a pro at producing in-depth content on topics you are well-versed in and deeply knowledgeable about. And for subjects you are unfamiliar with, you are just as comfortable digging in and thoroughly researching. You are a stickler for details and know how to communicate a big-picture idea or topic clearly and thoroughly. You go far beyond scratching the surface on any topic, and aspire to cover it comprehensively.

Strive to maintain high standards of quality and excellence — We care deeply about our audiences and want to publish best-in-class content that they will enjoy and come back to revisit. You will be responsible for writing A-list software review content that hits the mark and requires minimal editing. You are comfortable taking traditionally dry subject matter and making it extraordinary and captivating.

Production-oriented — You have never met an output goal you couldn’t meet. You are at your best when you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously, and do whatever it takes to meet your deadlines. You feel confident in your ability to prioritize your schedule to meet ambitious production objectives.

What you'll be doing

In a typical week, you’ll balance a mix of:

  • Researching software and information based on constructed content briefs or directions from editors on our team.
  • Write multiple pieces of content, such as software review lists, supporting keyword content, tool overviews, and other software review-related content.
  • Leverage SEO tools to ensure your writing is tailored for search engines as much as our audience.
  • Revise multiple pieces of content based on Editor feedback
  • Occasionally assist with other internal copy needs as directed
  • Writing software review content including tool lists, buyer’s guides, in-depth reviews, head-to-head comparisons and supporting keyword content.
  • Keeping our existing tool content up to date in terms of relevance, accuracy, and value.
  • Exploring the latest software tools and apps, developing and infusing subject matter expertise into content to differentiate our content from the competition.
  • Establishing and nurturing relationships with product specialists from SaaS tools to understand how their tools work and what they are best suited for compared to others in the industry.
  • Connecting with online communities to understand the challenges they face and their insights and opinions on the tools in their arsenal.
  • Leverage SEO tools to ensure your writing is tailored for search engines as much as our audience.

How your success will be measured:

The success of an SEO Technical Writer at Black and White Zebra is measured equally on quality and quantity. We’ll look for consistency in the production of content that meets and exceeds expectations of quality.

You’ll also be measured based on your professional growth. We don’t expect change overnight, but we do expect you won’t be the same writer you were six months after you started.

Required Experience

  • Professional copywriting experience: 3+ years
  • On-page SEO and SEO writing: 2+ years
  • Experience writing about SaaS tools and B2B content: 2+ years
  • Intermediate WordPress skills (1-year experience)
  • Composition Professor Praise-Worthy English writing skills
  • Command over voice, tone, and narrative with the ability to adapt and grow
  • The ability to breathe life and inject humor into traditionally dry and technical topics 
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Self-motivated and self-starter
  • Solid understanding of content KPIs

Nice to Haves

  • The ability to remain unflappable and driven to deliver success in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities
  • A great attitude and convivial nature

When you Apply

We know the application process can be time-consuming. To save you time, we ask that you complete a small assignment to gauge your abilities as a writer.


How To Complete the Assignment

  1. This writing test is estimated to take 30-60 minutes. Please review the following in detail:
    1. Please write a paragraph or two describing the software Mabl for our publication The QA Lead, for a (hypothetical) article, “The Best QA Software For Startups.”  As a writer on our team, you’ll be producing in-depth software reviews that help our audience (in this case, tech leads, developers, or QA leads at a startup) choose the best software for their use case. Focus on being thorough, honest, original, and easy to understand. At BWZ, we love to breathe life and personality into traditionally dry topics, so please also use a tone that’s fun and relatable to a modern digital audience.
  2. Separate from the review paragraphs, please write a short sentence that best summarizes the tool at a glance, for the specific audience the article is addressing.

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