SEO Content Editor


Job Brief

We’re looking to hire a talented SEO content editor with a strong background in editorial strategy, SEO, writer recruitment, and copywriting, who is passionate about making excellent content and engaging new communities!

About the Role

You’ll be editing, proofreading, and optimizing articles across our growing portfolio of publications while contributing to our content strategy to help grow our audience through organic search content. You will be instrumental in helping to incubate and scale up content efforts on some of our younger publications and priming them for growth.

Our blogs are independent publications—educational, authoritative, and trustworthy spaces that serve as both an educational hub and an online community for professionals in various fields.

You, along with the SEO Content team at Black & White Zebra, will bring your editorial, SEO, content strategy, and writing skills to help uplift our content as it’s developed, with the end goal of making awesome content that helps people succeed in their work.

You're a great fit if you...

Think like an editor — You like digging for topics and angles, and even when you’re in the weeds, you’re keeping your eye trained on the strategy behind each piece of content. You understand the most important part of editing is to improve the writing process for everyone involved.

Have the drive to maintain high standards of quality — We care deeply about our audiences and want to publish best-in-class content that they will absolutely love. You will be responsible for putting on the finishing touches, fact-checking, and making improvements to make the content amazing at all stages.

Have an eye for detail — Beyond checking grammar and heading structure, you’re also alert for details that others might miss (weird link, citation without a source, a list that should really be turned into bullets, keyword stuffing, a meta description that could be improved). You catch things that other people don’t!

Are familiar with technology and software reviews—You understand the customer buying journey for SaaS and technology brands involves product reviews. You take a service journalism approach to product reviews and know how to capture (and succinctly deliver) the information your audience is looking to find.

Are fluent in data and technology — While you leave room for experimentation and passion projects, you instinctively know to rely on and harness the power of data and metrics to nimbly iterate on and improve content performance and drive engagement.

Are deeply curious and have a thirst for knowledge — While you may know a little bit about a lot of different things, you are always eager to learn more and take the necessary steps to familiarize yourself with niche topics and industries.


  • Copywriting and editing: 3-5 years
  • On-page SEO and SEO writing: 2 years
  • Content strategy and editorial planning: 1 year
  • Experience in copywriting and editing in SaaS and/or Technology org: 2 years
  • Intermediate WordPress skills (1 year experience)
  • Grin-worthy English writing skills
  • Command over voice and tone, with the ability to adapt
  • The ability to breathe life and inject humor into traditionally dry topics
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Self-motivated and self-starter
  • Solid understanding of content KPIs

Success will look like...

  • Facilitating the production of multiple pieces of new content per week per site
  • Significantly increasing organic traffic to the site(s) through strategic content planning
  • Attracting, recruiting, and onboarding a talented and reliable bench of writers and contributing subject matter experts
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders across the organization to seize new opportunities and address challenges
  • Remaining unflappable and driven to deliver success in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities
  • A great attitude and convivial nature

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We are an international team of 35+ with a home base in Vancouver, Canada. We got our start in 2011 as The Digital Project Manager blog, founded by our CEO Ben Aston. Since then, we’ve grown our team and our portfolio with a number of burgeoning online communities. We’re serious about being truthful, authentic and having a good time!

As a company we value and prioritize a flexible work environment. Our employees are entitled to lots of paid vacation per year and are encouraged to use all of it! We also offer opportunities for personal development so you can grow and develop your career. We have monthly team events to build a cohesive and FUN team! Some of our past events have included ropes courses, snowmobiling, go-karts and more! We believe that it is truly important to have a job that is not only rewarding, but one where you can enjoy the ride!

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